meesho app

Meesho app for earning

Meesho app

If you are looking for an app from which you can make money online ? or if you expend the most of time on WhatsApp or facebook or other social media platform,

Than if better App for you to make money from sharing the product detail and you even can decide what amount you want to earn from a specific product,

Awesome right

It has almost 50000 plus product and few of them are really good,

The question is how actually you can earn from the meesho app? I let you know in detail,

Meesho app for earning

The process to be followed to earn from Meesho,

  • Click and download App from Here Download Now
  • After downloading you need to sign up from your mobile number,
  • Now you will get tutorial video on how to share the product on WhatsApp or Facebook,
  • You have to share the product detail to your friends, family, relative or group to generate the lead once you get the order you can share price with after including your Commision,
  •  Once you get order than you have to update the detail to deliver the product customer location,
  • You will have the option of Cash on delivery which is awesome
  • Meesho team will deliver the product to the customer and will take the complete amount from the customer,
  • after 10 days it will be the credit to you bank account

Apart to reseller earning you also can refer to other to signup with Meesho buy remember there is no compassion to refer and download the app,

there is a scheme of the team you can build and earn from their earning,

Meesho refer

If you refer this app & they starting using this platform to earning than you will get the 3% of Commision from that for 6 months and 1% for 18 months after 6 months,

Apart from these earning option, there are incentive plans as well against the target if you achieve than you may get INR 5000 extra,

Download Now

Comments below if you have any doubt or need help