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Social media space, services, and apps have increased drastically over this decade. The problem with each new social media platform is that it tries to outdo the others and it ends up being a single usage social media. Some are good at posting and managing photos. Others are for sharing long stories and some are good for videos only. What about an app that allows all these to blend together into a complete narrative? How about a long forgotten narrative of cyberbullying and privacy breach? This is what you get on ConnectSocial: Secure Network.



This is an app that’s specially designed to cater for your online security by enhancing safety while improving the user experience. ConnectSocial: Secure Network is a premium social network with boosted privacy and data security. It is packaged in an iOS and Android app. It brings together all those features of all the other social media into a compete wonderful and secure user experience. Installing this app will give you:

Power to Build Your Social Network

This app is a social networking site like any other. It is however highly improved to include sharing of information, meeting, and connections with the other people and taking of rides. With connect social, you can follow, message, like, and comment. Additionally, you can share photos, videos, and connect with your friends and family. You can also create a ride, paid or free as well as search and join rides.

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Safety and Comfort

Using this app is secure and safe. You don’t worry about your data because it is safe. You may also moderate your feed. You can as well hide posts, disable comments, and instantly report abuse. Security is the major difference with the other social media platforms.

Enjoy Secure Online Environment

This app gives you the freedom to put anything online. Our network is secure and reliable. Your data is highly protected. You are free to integrate multiple thoughts, videos, and images on your sharing. They will all be protected. Only with your consent will anything be shared.

Enjoy Seamless Network Use

The annoying nuisance of pop-ups, ads, and history tracking is not a feature of this. Remain focused on your posts and rides without those disturbing pop-ups and ads.

Have a Free Trial

Good news. You won’t pay a premium for what you don’t know. The app gives you a 3-day free trial to make you feel and taste the difference. After making cost considerate premium subscription, the other times will be all autorenewals until you stop the auto renewal.

No social media app is better, secure, more interactive or entertaining as this. Download it today and enjoy the free trial.

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